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I'm an English major too :3

All of the best people are, my friend ;)

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It’s been an okay day for a crop top and also some good old fashioned body lovin’. P.s. LOL @ my tan lines thank u work

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"what are you going to do with a degree in english?" follow you around and whisper "the love song of j alfred prufrock" in your ear when you go on dates

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She was so magical live

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Q & A

Do you know any other languages?

A bit, yeah! I’m not fluent AT ALL, but I’m taking ASL at school for my second language requirement at the U. That’s probably the language I know the most of, and then I know a little spanish from high school. I can read & pronounce some middle english lol does that count? Other than that it’s just little phrases and words like “happy birthday” in Russian, and “kisses!” in Bulgarian. 

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I've got like an hour of downtime so you should ask me things if you want to
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There are brushstroke clouds flying high tonight
on a Sistine, serene blue sky
like light on the water. 
I breathe in a little bit farther.

There’s a complimentary fall breeze in the air 
that’s a half-way to welcome break
from this mid-july mug.
It makes people move in a little bit closer,
in a way that says “Hey-“
"I’m still here"

And the neighborhoods are filled with the sound of 
wheels rolling across the ground in neutral,
sleeveless gladiators trying to make it down the hill with nothing
But a steering wheel and thick nerves
and children with their noses pressed to the
massless glass that sits at the end of driveways
saying “Not yet, baby. Someday, maybe.”

And down the street there’s a dog barking at a 
jogger or a fawn and warn boots beating 
towards the mailbox,
but trying to get home

And my front door is old. So old it has to be elbowed into place,
and the “wrought iron” that sits between its glass panels might
very well be lead, but it lets in the light. 
and it’s painted Red. The same shade that it’s been since
I was still praying and saying “Goodnight” to the moon. 

The impossible moon that’s been waiting all day
for it’s turn in the evening sky
to shine and sit under the thumbs of patient lovers
waiting to fly back home across a timezone or two. 

And tonight, under my Chapel Sky, 
I’m sleeping with the blinds open, 
and the window cracked,
next to a sighing dog, 
and a rhythmic clock

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Okay “dating” is a strong word but …

Okay “dating” is a strong word but …

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Tightrope Walker in the fireworks

Drop the elaborations
They just make me nervous
And show me the line that
Leads from yours to mine

My dog is barking at the
Empty skies
And my dad, he says she’s barking
Into the night, at the ghosts that stop by
I think I might bark at mine

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So this happened when I tried to snap earlier

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